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If you are looking to make it to the college level, there are some key things you should know about recruiting for college basketball. Foremost, everyone wants to play at UNC, Duke, UCLA or one of the other elite universities, but very few will

make it to that level. 

However, college basketball offers six different levels of competition, all of which could provide you with the opportunity to play at the next level. That means even if you don't have the size or athleticism to play at an elite level school, you may can still play at the next level. 1- NCAA Division I colleges and universities are where the best of the best (and the biggest) high school players usually end up playing college basketball. At the Division I level, finding players is usually not the problem for college coaches involved in recruiting for college basketball. The problem is convincing the most talented players to come and play for them vs. the competition. Players who are recruited at this level usually have a multitude of offers to choose from. 2- NCAA Division II Players at the Division II level are still extremely talented and gifted. Many of these players have the talent and skills to play at the Division I level, but are usually a little smaller than their Division I counterparts. No matter how talented you are, playing at the Division I level requires you meet the size requirements for the position you play. The only exception to this rule can be the point guard position. 3- NAIA Division I and II Players at both the Division I and Division II level of the NAIA are usually comparable to players at the NCAA Division II level. Some of the smaller Division II NAIA schools may be comparable to NCAA Division III players. Once again, the players you'll find here are talented and gifted, they just do not have the size or athleticism to play at the bigger schools. 4- NCCAA Division I and II The NCCAA stands for the National Christian College Athletic Association. Players in this division can vary from higher NCAA Division II talent to lower NCAA Division III level talent. Some players who could play NCAA Division I or II choose this route because of their spiritual beliefs. 5- NCAA Division III Some of the smaller colleges and universities compete at the Division III level. Even though scholarships are not available at the Division III level, these players are still extremely talented and hard working. Just get out and watch a Division III game and you will see what I mean. Financial aid is available at the Division III level. 6- NJCAA (Junior Colleges) Many talented players who may not have had any offers from coaches out of high school, or may not have had the grades to go and play in the NCAA or NAIA right out of high school end up at the junior college level. Some of these players move on to four-year schools after two years in junior college. 

Summary As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities for high school basketball players who have the desire to move on to the next level. If you don't get stuck on playing at a particular Division level, the door of opportunity is open for you. Of course, you need the talent, skill and desire to play in college. The best way to walk right through that door of opportunity is to to take responsibility for your own recruitment. You can do that by marketing and promoting yourself to college coaches. Many coaches involved in the recruiting for college basketball process would love to hear from you, especially at the Division II and lower levels. Remember, the smaller colleges don't have huge recruiting budgets, so hearing form potential players is a big part of their overall recruiting strategy. 

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